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Matte Kranz grew up in the South San Francisco Bay Area where as a child he participated in sports and video game camps because anything performance based was deemed "for girls." It wasn't until middle school, after enjoying being the class clown for several years, he decided he wanted even more attention. He auditioned for his first play and after that there was no going back.


After participating in theater all through high school, Matte went to the University of California in Santa Barbara pursuing a BFA in Acting graduating in 2022. While there he acted in many productions ranging from Octavius Caesar in Julius Caesar & Antony and Cleopatra, Andrei in Three Sisters, John Polk in Am I Blue, and Arthur in Seaward, among others. He also discovered his love for Film, acting in several films: Parasite, Blood Over Water, The Siren, and The Fly, which he also created.

He has won many awards for his work and diligence as an actor and artist, to see the full list of awards check the awards tab!

Matte Kranz is currently seeking representation. Contact him for inquiries.

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