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Matte Kranz has received the Stanley Glen Award in honor of his commitment, talent, and promise as an actor.

He has also received the Robert G. Egan Award in honor of his ingenuity and commitment to the arts.


He has additionally received the following awards for his film "The Fly":

Phoenix Shorts:

   Best Short

   Best Composer

San Francisco Arthouse Short Festival:

   Best Student Film

Independent Shorts Awards:


Hollywood International Golden Age Festival:

   Best Narrative Short

California Indies Fest:


Santa Monica International Film Festival:

   Honorable Mention

Top Indie Film Awards:

   Best Experimental Short

   Best Student Film

   Best Original Idea

   Nominee Best Director

   Best FX

   Nominee Best Sound

   Nominee Best Music

Milan Arthouse Film Awards:

   Nominee Best Actor

   Nominee Best Short Film

Next Generation Indie Film Awards:

   Finalist Best Short by a First Time Filmmaker

   Finalist Best Actor in a Short Film



IndieX Film Fest:



   Official Selection

Indie Filmmaker Awards:

   Best Student Film Nominee

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